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Breathing occurs through respiration, a process that allows gas exchange to occur between your body and the outside world. Carbon dioxide leaves your body in exchange for oxygen to enter, along with other nutrients within an air molecule. Your body strives to have an adequate amount of oxygen at any given time. How the body uses oxygen is the real question.

The average individual will have adequate percentage of oxygen within their body (anywhere between 95-98%). However, where that oxygen is located can determine how your body is functioning. What these numbers don’t look at is the amount of oxygen reaching your tissues, such as your muscles or organs. This is where a trained physical therapist comes in to assist.

Breathing is an essential function for us to live. Many of us, do not have good breath mechanics, or understand what breathing really entails. This can cause unusual fatigue, restlessness, shortness of breath with exertion, and can affect the way the rest of our organs function. This ultimately affects our quality of life. With our Breath Work program, we can help you identify the barriers keeping you from breathing to your fullest potential. You are one click away from breathing better and feeling like a new person. Why wait any longer?

Who may benefit from breathing therapy?

Breathing therapy can help individuals with many different backgrounds and situations including those with:

  • Chronic pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Prolonged neck or back pain
  • Jaw pain
  • Continuous headaches
  • Spinal or ribcage changes (scoliosis)
  • Underlying health conditions such as COPD
  • A history of using tobacco products or e-cigarettes
  • COVID-19

Additionally, breathing therapy can help athletes wanting to better their performance and individuals just looking to better their breathing – safely and effectively.

Breathing therapy services

Breathing and Physical Therapy

Do you find that you are anxious, have had unexplainable pain for a long time, or just plain have a difficult time breathing? Feel how you are breathing. Do you find your chest or shoulders rising rather than your lower rib cage and belly moving. Are a mouth breather or a nose breather? This is where physical therapy can intervene and improve your breathing. This can be taught by skilled, trained physical therapists that can teach you and your body to breathe properly. We use a Capno Trainer to assess your carbon dioxide levels. There are multiple breathing techniques we will tailor to your specific needs. Most will need to learn to breathe through their nose, slow their breathing and work on breathing deeper within their lungs while not using their chest.

Breathe therapy Services Sioux Falls, SD

Breathing and COVID-19

Have you or a family member been affected by the COVID-19 virus? How do you or that family member feel today after the illness has passed? COVID-19 is a respiratory infection that affects lung function, which leads to decreased oxygen exchange. This deprives muscles and organs from getting the proper nutrients and oxygen from the blood to function well. The lung function has decreased from the infection causing your lungs to have to work harder for proper gas exchange. This leads to chest breathing, mouth breathing, and feeling like you are gasping for air to breathe.

In many cases, the virus leaves unwelcome long-term effects that are challenging to deal with. These may include changes in breathing patterns, difficulties in having enough air (might be on oxygen), decreased overall endurance levels, or needing to rest throughout the day. Physical therapy can help alleviate some of these symptoms, and improve quality of life post-infection.

What will my visits look like and how long will I need breathing therapy?

We are your coach, so this form of physical therapy will look a little different from traditional physical therapy. As your “coach”, we will teach you techniques to use. Then, you as the “player” will take what you have learned and practice on your own. With breathing and re-training your body on how to breathe properly, it takes time. An average individual will come in for sessions 1-4 times a month for an average of 6 months. We are creatures of habit and love to take the path of least resistance, so time will be our best friend as you improve your breathing. To get started today, call Acucare Physical Therapy!

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