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Exceptional Sports Therapist Services in Sioux Falls

If you are an athlete, you know that the sooner you are able to return to the sport following an injury, the happier and more competitive you will be. Acucare Physical Therapy has spent nearly 3 decades providing the sports therapy Sioux Falls area athletes need to play their best games, whether they’ve suffered golf injuries, baseball or softball injuries, are dealing with tennis elbow, have had to take a break from running due to pain, or are recovering from surgery. Our experienced sports therapists will quickly diagnose the root cause of your issue and develop a treatment plan that helps you to heal, recover your mobility, and maintain your health as you return to your activity. Whatever your sport, we’re here to help!

Improve your balance with Sports Rehabilitation 

In addition to reduction or elimination of pain, our sports therapies will also provide you with improved balance and proprioception, which will heighten your body’s ability to react to stimuli. In addition, we offer sports specificity training and closed chain strength training. We’ll address all orthopedic concerns, provide treatment for musculoskeletal conditions, and can perform rehabilitation therapy following a joint replacement or other orthopedic surgery.

Sports Therapist, Sioux Falls
ASTYM Treatment

Astym Treatment

Utilizing Astym treatment, a form of manual therapy, our certified sports therapists will work to resolve the underlying cause of the problems you’re experiencing with your muscles, tendons, or ligaments, rather than just treating the symptoms. The cause is often either due to scarring or degeneration. Astym treatment will restore and revitalize these soft tissues and relieve your tennis elbow, golf injury, pain while running, or other sports injury issue. Get the rehabilitation you need to get back into the game with Astym Treatment from Acucare.

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