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Enjoy a Perfect Night’s Sleep With a Custom Pillowise Pillow

You wouldn’t wear one-size-fits-all shoes. Why sacrifice your comfort by resting your head on a one-size-fits-all pillow? Thanks to Acucare Physical Therapy’s partnership with Pillowise, you can now enjoy the most restful night’s sleep you have ever experienced!

What Is Pillowise?

Pillowise was founded by Thijs van der Hilst. The Dutch physiotherapist created a revolutionary algorithm which determines the best-fitting pillow based on three simple measurements: shoulder width, neck circumference and neck height. In addition to preferred sleeping position and mattress firmness, these metrics allow Pillowise to create the most comfortable and supportive pillow for any sleeper’s unique physiological needs.

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Is Pillowise Right for You?

If you sleep, then Pillowise will help you sleep more comfortably and with the least possible stress on your sensitive neck and shoulders. When you come to Acucare Physical Therapy in Sioux Falls, SD for your Pillowise pillow, we will take quick yet precise measurements to ensure that your bespoke pillow is created in accordance with your exact physical needs.

Your pillow will be created for you at Pillowise’s factory in The Netherlands and shipped straight to your home. Soon you will enjoy the perfect night’s sleep that can only be realized with a pillow that is neither too high, too low, too soft nor too firm. Each 22″x14″ Pillowise pillow additionally features cooling ventilation channels, pressure relieving memory foam, and a moisture regulating machine washable Tencel exterior.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Pillowise pillow, you will have 30 days to request an exchange or full refund. All Pillowise pillows are backed by a five-year warranty. And once you have fallen in love with your tailored pillow, you can even order a travel-size version so you can sleep comfortably wherever you roam!

Order Your Pillowise Pillow Today!

Enjoy truly restorative sleep by never having to toss or turn again. Come to Acucare Physical Therapy today so our staff can take your unique measurements, and receive your life-changing Dutch-made pillow soon!

Please contact Acucare Physical Therapy to learn more about Pillowise

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