Acucare Physical Therapy is on a mission: to provide the best physical therapy the greater Sioux Falls, SD area has to offer. No, scratch that: the world.


Helping our patients achieve safer, speedier recovery from surgery, injuries and a wide range of medical conditions demands the best therapeutic equipment on the market. That’s why our clinic features the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill.


The AlterG Treadmill: Gravity-Defying Cardio

Astronauts only experience about 11% as much gravity as the rest of us do here on Earth. They lose significant bone and muscle mass because of it. This represented a serious problem to NASA. How do you prevent astronauts from growing frail during space missions?


The solution was AlterG’s patented Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology. DAP is essentially a pressurized air bubble which increases gravitational force on an astronaut while they’re exercising in space. By simulating realistic terranean gravity, DAP helps astronauts minimize zero gravity’s harsh toll on their bodies.


Now here is the interesting thing. DAP isn’t limited to increasing gravity. It can also decrease it, which is what makes the AlterG Treadmill such an incredibly helpful therapeutic tool. It quite literally reduces gravity’s effect on its user, so they can walk and run longer, faster, and without pain.


What Does the AlterG Treadmill Do?

In addition to its treadmill, an AlterG system includes a pressurized air chamber that sits waist-high on the user. Thanks to the science of DAP technology, the AlterG is able to reduce its user’s weight by as much as 80 percent. As such, the AlterG makes physical exercise more accessible to patients who are recovering from injury and surgery


We cannot overstate exercise’s importance to healing. It rebuilds muscle and bone, restores cardiovascular health, decreases inflammation, and helps regulate hormones that manage hundreds of bodily processes. The AlterG also allows its user to continue moving when they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to, which helps their muscles get stronger instead of atrophying.


Over 500 sports teams have AlterG treadmills. Over 4,000 rehab facilities have them as well, which is why over 1 million people worldwide have used AlterG so far. Why has AlterG usage become so mainstream less than 20 years after the company was founded? Because it can treat virtually anyone for such a broad range of conditions.


What Does the AlterG Treadmill Treat?

AlterG therapy is ideal for patients who are recovering from surgery, bone fractures, and soft tissue injuries – especially athletes who have torn ACL, meniscus or Achilles tendon. AlterG minimizes the risk of causing or exacerbating stress-related injury, which makes it effective for treating medical conditions ranging from plantar fasciitis to shin splints. And unlike hydrotherapy or harness support therapy, AlterG allows patients to walk or run just as they would freely.


AlterG therapy is especially helpful to senior patients. It greatly reduces stress on joints and muscles, strengthens the muscles needed for balance and walking, and keeps the patient standing safely upright while they are training. AlterG may even be used by patients who are currently regaining their ability to stand. Seniors who are recovering from stroke, injury, or surgery like knee or hip replacement all can benefit from AlterG. So too can osteoarthritis patients. AlterG is also beneficial to seniors who are already in perfect shape and want to stay that way through active aging.


Safer, Better, Faster, Stronger in Sioux Falls

If you’re recovering from an injury or surgery in Sioux Falls, then the best way to get stronger quickly and safely is practically in your backyard. Acucare Physical Therapy’s wide variety of physical therapy treatments and services include the revolutionary AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill. We welcome you to contact our clinic today to schedule your initial consultation.